Artist Statement

“Despite the fact that we are increasingly caught within an electronically implemented global system of control and consumption, the concept of the sublime aspires to the possibility of some kind of authentic experience of self-transcendence.” - Simon Morley.


Creating an embodiment of experience through capturing the elemental magnitude of Welsh landscape through a phenomenological response is central to my work.  The Welsh landscape can be felt as an event through its ability to override the senses, which creates a transformative and immersive experience. My work aims to capture the physicality and raw state of the landscape by using natural materials such as soil mixed into acrylic, oil and household paints.  The use of soil symbolises the importance of environmental degradation, specifically the lack of nutrients in soil as a consequence of intensive farming methods and pollution in the 21st century.


My paintings are visceral reactions against the effects of technology that has altered the relationship society has with nature, and through animated gesture and reflective light qualities in colour I aim for them to celebrate the landscape in Pembrokeshire where I live.


A physical and sentimental connection is formed when walking within the landscape.  I create work from the intensity of recalled memory which expresses an impassioned state of mind.  Working large scale enables my paintings to capture the phenomenal sense of space experienced in the Preseli hills and mountains. 

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